No FPS is a Roguelike

Nathaniel Inman works on day 2 of 2017 7drl with a FPS and comes to some interesting conclusions.

No FPS is a Roguelike
This is a single 3d plane with morphed terrain built by a 2d roguelike scene.

I've struggled with the concept of merging the roguelike turn-based system with a FPS. Having a turn based on when you fully leave a cell makes the monsters seem jumpy which doesn't make for very nice gameplay. Because I believe turn-based systems are core to roguelikes and first person shooters can't be turned based in a cohesive way, I've dropped the FPS perspective altogether and pulled the camera above the player.

7DRL Day 2

  • Dropped the morphed terrain map for a scene that grows collections of boxes and planes as the map is discovered. Maps can now be infinitely grown in size.
  • Added environmental colors to the walls and floors to make it feel more distinct that the player is indeed in different locations with each environment.
  • Enemies now glow red so you can see them coming around corners, it looks positively freaky when you realize that symbol is a dragon!\n * Modulated the field of view algorithm so it generates the map as the player explores it.
  • Added a few skill buttons that don't really do anything yet, they're just placeholders.