NPM Module: Jugs

Last week I updated the npm module slush-jugs to include support for a more robust script compilation system using Webpack inside of Gulp.

NPM Module: Jugs
Photo by Kyle Winkle / Unsplash

App generator jugs makes development fun again! You can view the source code here.

  • Vite.js : Performant Module bundler with tree-shaking, hot module reloading & minification
  • Babel : Transpile modern javascript, formerly called 6to5
  • Eslint : Lint your javascript in its modern format
  • Stylus : Powerful CSS Preprocessor with a beautiful syntax
  • Ion-Cloud : A micro library for animations & game development

Simply install this app generator globally:

npm i -g jugs
mkdir appName
cd appName

File Structure:

│ └─<<────(assets are copied here on compile)
├─ public (images/pdf/other go here)
├─ src
│ ├─ index.styl
│ ├─ index.js
│ └─ Pipeline.js
├─ vite.config.js
├─ package.json